Welcome to the Office of External Solutioning.

As with most government agencies that bear out the will of a focused and confident leader, the Office of External Solutioning is seeking qualified applicants for a Solution Squad. Solution Squad members can contribute to the safety and security of the multiverse while earning a competitive salary and excellent benefits. There are many opportunities for career advancement and the Office of External Solutioning does not discriminate on the basis of race, class, Dexterity Modifier, a number of heads or past history of wild magic incidents.

Background: Solution Squad “Company of the Yellow Banner” has gone missing. They were deployed to Chult to discover the reason for a death curse that grips Faerun. All signs point to some magic emanating from somewhere on the Chult Peninsula of Faeron. The airship, “Star Goddess”, and a retrieval squad were deployed to find the Company. Contact shortly after the “Star Goddess” arrived in Chult.

The current mission is a deployment to the Chult Peninsula on Faerun. The mission is to find the Company of the Yellow Banner. If the Company is lost, there is a secondary mission to complete their mission to end this Death Curse or contain it before it spreads to the larger multiverse.

The Office of External Solutioning

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