Solution Squad Journal, Rolan Bersk

1 Elensis 1491

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, filled with good drink, dancing women, and amazing sights (Fucking Unicorns?!?! Did you see that shit?!?!). Anyway, today started off far less spectacular and went downhill from there.

The skies were overcast and everyone was hungover (lightweights). Our group started off with the thrilling task of shopping for provisions. We were all packed up and ready to head out of town. I was excited to start practicing with my newly acquired poisoner’s kit when we were confronted by this scrappy old man. The old man had some spunk, I will give him that but he was quite pushy. I was highly tempted to just put a blade in his throat, but that is what the old me would have done. Plus there was quite a few townspeople present.

Apparently, the Redbrand did not take our warning to not show their faces again seriously. Not too smart. They were seen tearing up Halia’s shop not too long after after we had left her shop and she has gone missing. As we were about to head back to Halia’s shop the peppy old man snagged Nobel and threatened us with a thinly veiled threat. Basically if we wanted to see her again we would not show up without Halia.

Our first stop was Halia’s shop. The shop was trashed pretty well but after looking over the mess it was obvious that whoever messed up the place was not interested in stealing anything as the most valuable (and questionably legal) items were still present. We were able to track many footprints out the back door that lead in the direction of Halia’s house.

When we arrived at her house, the front door looked busted, and there were no sounds coming from inside. There was evident signs of a fight in the house. While “Tinkle” was obsessing over the bookcase, Lorde and I located tracks outside, the tracks made it evident that someone was being drug through the dirt. As we followed the tracks into the woods the weather increasingly got worse.

Dax was making a mad dash through the woods making it hard to keep up with him and also maintain some form of covertness. We came upon a large boulder that looked out of place – a perfect ambush spot. Dax apparently suspected the same because he suddenly went airborne leaping over the boulder. When he was directly over the boulder, it looked up. Yeah… the ruddy boulder LOOKED UP! Then it reached out and tried to grab Dax, missing by inches.

Seeing that the creature was distracted by Dax I was able to score a powerful shot with my hand crossbow hitting him right under his left arm in a nice tender spot. Lorde and “Tink” were also able to get some good shots off turning the massive Ogre around. For some reason Dax thought this would be a good idea to try flying again and tried to jump to a tree but buggered the landing and went flying into another tree. He was able to perform some sort of “air punch” and knock the ogre’s head clean off! I may need to have him teach me that trick some day!The ogre was apparently snacking on a redbrand thug, but there was not much left of him to be of use.

We continued on the trail left by the other redbrands and came to a clearing. Dax did not even slow his step and ran directly into the clearing – one of these days I need to talk with him about the benefits of subtle tactics. He did take the group if redbrand thugs by surprise, but was not able to capitalize on it.

I circled around to the left, and spotted a man in plain clothes standing in front of a kneeling Halia, but it was obvious to me that he was a sodding wizard. Figures a wizard would be involved. I tried to put an arrow into his eye socket but missed and got him in the arm as I stumbled into the clearing. Two of the thugs immediately came over and attacked me. Next thing I know I was on the ground with Lorde standing over me saying some sort of prayer. I stood up and attacked one of the thugs but then the wizard suddenly disappeared in a blue mist. Once that happened the thugs turned tail and ran like the dogs they are.

As I was about to give chase, T’inco shouted something about the wizard still being close. Dax and suddenly took off in the direction T’inco was pointing so I followed. I caught up to Dax pointing his sword at the wizard, so I promptly ran up and smacked the bastard in head with the side of my blade knocking him unconscious. We then carried his body back to the clearing and checked on Halia. As Dax and T’inco were securing the wizard I noticed Lorde and Halia out of the corner of my eye, Halia was handing Lorde a book. As Lorde was reading the book Halia suddenly became very angry and demanded the book back. Dax stepped in and I grabbed the book from Lorde.

Flipping through it, it was apparent this was a ledger with names and locations next to the names. Suddenly I recognized a few names and my blood ran cold. These were mostly people in Waterdeep that I knew were people who you really didn’t want to cross paths with if you could help it. Recognizing this book had nothing to do with the redbrands or Rockseeker I gave the book back to Halia offering apologies. If she knew about these people then I didn’t want her pissed off at me. As we were heading back into town Halia discreetly slipped a note into my hands.

The townspeople were happy that we returned not only with Halia but with the wizard as well. Our supplies were returned to us. we will spend one more night in the Inn and head out in the morning.

Solution Squad Journal, Rolan Bersk

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