Human Resources

Thank you for joining the Solution Squad!

There are many advantages and benefits to the accepting a position in the Solution Squad. This policy document will help you get the most out of your new job position.


Because creating actionable items are important for a Solution Squad, it is recommended that one or more members of the Squad act as the Secretary for the group. Because the multi-verse is a large place, you will meet many people. Knowing their name and what you need will help you make decisive choices that drive to solutions that meet the goals and agenda of the Lady of Pain. Remember, you are a representative of the Lady and she asks that you make every effort to not anger a dragon by calling him “Sally” instead of “Fred”.

Customer Service

Customer Service can be a key skill that will aid you in your critical work as a team member of the Solution Squad. Good Customer Service can sometimes net more information relevant to our Lady’s goals than a sword, even when the customer might look like it could bite off your head. Your Dungeon Master has been instructed to reward lateral thinking and using your full set of skills to engage in the best customer service. After all, she is our “Lady of Pain”, not our “Lady of Murder-Hobo.”

Attention to Detail

During your tenure as a Solution Squad Member, you may find yourself in mortal danger and fighting for your life. The Lady of Pain is interested in understanding the specific nature of your experiences. As you describe the blows and parries of your fight, your Dungeon Master has been instructed to incent you to be as specific and detailed in your description as possible. The more specific and detailed you are in your description, the higher the likelihood that you will gain advantage in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

This policy is subject to revisions and clarification and your Dungeon Master will advise you of changes or updates.

Human Resources

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