Compensation and Benefits


Generally speaking, each Solution Squad is compensated based on accomplishing the goals and objectives of the Lady of Pain. Primary compensation will be recovered while on assignment in the field but compensation comes in many different ways, but if you exceed the Human Resource Policies baseline requirements and work with synergy to achieving the pre-defined metrics, completion, the Commissioner has some latitude in assigning ancillary compensation which could include:

  • Extra-planar and magical resources and materials
  • Complimentary Training Packages to enhance your skills
  • Cash bonuses

Note, there is a reimbursement form for personal funds spent in the course of an adventure. Please provide documentation and purpose for the expense, requested amount and it will be routed for to the Commissioner for approval. If the reimbursement form is approved, the Sigil Treasury Department will remit funds to your team to be distributed. Please only submit team expenses, reimbursement forms for individuals will not be approved and disciplinary action will be taken if an approved reimbursement form is found to be inaccurate or fraudulent.

Compensation and Benefits

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