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Resume Submitted

The Hiring Process

Resume Submitted

It all began when you were sitting in the pub. Each of you in your own plane or country or land or ocean.

A strange man wearing fitted pants and what looks to be the strangest cloak you have ever seen walks in and directly up to you. His cloak is relatively short and only goes down to his hands. It is the same length in the front and the back and buttons in the front with one button. The fabric is black with very thin white lines going up and down. He is wearing a white shirt and there is a strap of cloth that seems to flow from the top of the collar and disappears under the cloak. His pants fabric matches the cloak and seems to have a sort of thin cuff at the bottom.

While it is aesthetically pleasing, in a strange and foreign way, there seems to be no armor on this idiot. He would get speared or sworded or murdered in a heartbeat if anyone was looking to rob him.

Strangely enough, no one in the pub seems to notice him and he walks directly up to you. “Your resume has been submitted.” The man takes off his asinine helmet that seems to be round with a brim and made of fabric and puts it on the table beside him.

He pulls out some sort of thin folio with one sheet of parchment on it. The parchment is perfectly white, except for what looks like very crisp letters that look like no handwriting you have ever seen before.

He proceeds to rattle off a list of exploits of your youth. Stories of you getting into trouble, solving problems, getting out of trouble. Not necessarily in order. He pauses, looks up up and down and then says, “Was all this you and is this true?”

You nod silently. “Thank you.” He says. He stands, affixes his useless, but strangely elegant helmet to his head and makes a small bow. “You will be contacted.”

You feel a burning sensation on your right forearm and a small tattoo appears. When you look up, you see the door to the pub closing.

Later that night, you realize that no amount of soap or scrubbing will remove this new mark. When you look at it and think, you can see it start to swirl. It seems you can make it into an aesthetically pleasing shape with only minimal burning. It’s fun to change it around and you try out different styles of tattoos to get to one that you can live with.

Hiring Process Next Steps:
Please note in your background what type of tattoo you would like. Feel free to make it relevant to your character and upload a photo if you wish!

Please consider your background and tell me what you are doing right at the moment that our game begins. You can be doing whatever you wish— no boundaries.


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