The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo: Solution Squad 43312

From the Desk of: Nedemi Nitt; Assignment 98430- Missing Object 4329998b

Assignment 98430- Missing Object Assignment 4329998b
Assignment Location: Faerun, Sword Coast Region

Solution Squad 43312:

  • Dizzy (now deceased)
  • Lorde
  • Nodel
  • T’Inco
  • Brixa
  • Rolan

After accepting their assignments individually, Solution Squad #43312 were brought in for their orientation. The new teleport schemes are working well and all six staff were brought to holding in a coordinated fashion. Since they had not been formally introduced, I administered the “Kill the Rats” Introduction. They worked successfully to resolve the incident. Unfortunately, Solution Squad #44312 did not adequately appreciate the irony of the Rat Introduction. Perhaps future Solution Squad members will have previously studied Earth 3432564’s RPG Systems and will enjoy our corporate “sense of humor.”

The Solution Squad completed their Orientation Session. There were no complaints about misunderstanding the language in the presentation. I give credit to Sorcerer 32231 who achieved synergizing our tech platform with his translation magicks.

The Solution Squad then moved on to the Prime Material Plane, where they immediately met Gundren Rockseeker and Silar Highwinter. In an inadvertent setback, within seconds they lost their contacts who went ahead by horseback.

I commend them all for falling into their undercover roles as “outsourced security” for the caravan. Jones the Caravan Driver did report back that they dispatched a set of goblins who had worked in collaboration with Klarg (Bugbear)’s nest mates. They seem to have captured Rockseeker and Highwinter on orders of some third party. Please have the necrotechs do a fractal core analysis to see if we can determine the employer.

Solution Squad 43312 succeeded in recovering Highwinter and recovered a clue that Rockseeker may be at Cragmaw Castle, wherever that might be.

In a qualified measure of success, the Squad subdued Klarg but left him alive (and in significant pain- please fill out Pain Form 4.F in triplicate and submit to the Lady of Pain’s office).

The Squad is now settled in Phandalin and are preparing to interview Highwinter, try to determine the location of Cragmaw Castle and recover Rockseeker. With data provided by the aforementioned contacts, I hope that the Solution Squad will be able to identify Object 4329998b.

I formally request that the Object Filing System undergo a complete audit. It is totally inexcusable to provide so little data to a Solution Squad when they leave on a mission. I believe that this lack of credible knowledge led to Solution Squad 43311 going missing. I think that the fetishes (See attachment below) found at Solution Squad 43311’s last location are a Red Herring and not related to the complications on Thule.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning

Attachment 1- Fetish Photo006.jpg


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