The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo 6

2 Elensis 1491; Faerun

Solution Squad 44312:

Lorde (See below)

You know a memo starts off badly when you invoke luck. And Solution Squad 44312 has had the worst. At roughly midnight, 2 Elensis, our scrying sorcerers realized that Lorde had been badly poisoned. Luckily Toblen Stonehill was able to secure the aid of Sister Garaele to concoct a remedy and save his life. The type of poison, method and reason for the attack remain unknown.

In the day that followed, the Solution Squad chose to assist in discovering why an ogre was found nearby Phandalin the previous day. They followed the path only to find another flattened circle with the Fetishes positioned at the compass marks of the circle.

I regret to inform you that our Matrix Sorcerers again failed to contribute to this report. It seems that once the solution squad picked up some object inside the circle of flattened stones, some sort of chaos ensued. T’Inco passed out while each member of the team seemed to have a vision of some sort. Matrix Sorcerer, Jephra Kole, will be transferred for a second pain realignment session.

After the strange discovery that was remarkably similar to their previous experience, the group picked up the trail of the ogres and followed it to a nest where an ogress was pleading with a Hill Giant for aid in revenge for her dead mate.

The Solution Squad intervened and effectively dispatched the Hill Giant after a grueling fight and, pursuing the Ogress into the nest, terminated her as well. The only unexpected outcome was the discovery of a dead ogre baby. Apparently, the ogress knew she would not be taken alive.

I am impressed with the Solution Squad using time effectively and, potentially, making their home base of Phandalin a slightly more hospitable and safe environment. I do think that some concern should be taken that the town does not become reliant on the Squad for every little need.

I expect that on 3. Elensis, 1491, the team will depart to ascertain the location of Artifact 4329998b.

I have asked them via Matrix Sorcerer (not Mr. Kole), to please provide me with their inventory of supplies for the journey. I look forward to measuring their efficiency and seeing if the team will be the right fit for future assignments.

As a reminder, the open items are:

Ask the Druid in Thundertree for the location of Cragmaw
Locate Rockseeker in Cragmaw Castle
Find Glasstaff and potentially beat the answer out of him (still an open possibility with his recent apprehension)
Determine who the Black Spider is and why he hopes to stop the forward motion of the Solution Squad.
Possibly help Sister Garele with her question for Agathe, the banshee
Determine the motive and method for Lorde’s poisoning

Respectfully Submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning

Solution Squad Journal, Kyoji Dax
Solution Squad Journal, T’Inco
Solution Squad Journal, Nodel
Solution Squad Journal, Lorde
Solution Squad Journal, Rolan Bersk


I have put a link to my inventory in my character Bio – but here is a link as well:

Interoffice Memo 6
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