The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo 5: Solution Squad 43312

1 Elensis 1491; Faerun

Solution Squad 44312:

Nodel (see below)

Solution Squad 43312 had an unexpected speed bump in their progress today. The morning was spent working on supplying and I am impressed with the foresight they are using to plan for a multi-day adventure. Faerun is a dangerous place and preparation is everything.

Following the morning supply run, the squad was approached by an angry mob led by Daran Edermath. It appears the Redbrand situation was not resolved to the towns liking as the thugs returned to wreak havoc on the town and kidnap Halia Thornton, owner of the Phandalin Miners Exchange.

Edermath was sufficiently upset that he raised a mob and accosted the Solution Squad as they were about to ride out of town. The mob took Nodel hostage and demanded that the Squad search for Halia and find her. The consequences for Nodel were not explicitly stated, but I surmise that it would have been more to the Lady of Pain’s liking than to mine.

The remaining squad proceeded rapidly to the Exchange to start looking for clues. They found the shop ransacked and tracks leading out the back to Halia’s house. Upon arriving at the cottage, they found scenes of a fight and one small book missing and a trail of boot prints leading out the back and south through a field to the woods.

At this point, I’d like to commend Mr. Kyoji on his instincts to move quickly and, dare I say, brashly, to rescue Halia. He seemed well motivated to solve this issue and continue on his task of finding the missing artifact. I am sending out one Tears of Phara for him to use in case of an emergency. I was immediately reminded of his chase to save his friend, Ital. His approach to move quickly likely saved Nodel from an untimely death.

Mr. Kyoji lead the group as a driving thunderstorm came up. The group moved rapidly through the woods as the rain became a torrent. They had an unexpected turn of events when Mr. Kyoji leaped over a boulder, only to have it look up and be revealed as an ogre. The ogre had killed one Redbrand and was eating a drumstick (Redbrandstick?— I’m not sure what the translation of a human leg is. Common is a ludicrously imprecise language.)

The squad immediately and efficiently neutralized the barrier and found the trail again. Mr. Kyoji was the first to arrive at the campfire where Halia was being held by Glasstaff and four Redbrands. He assaulted them while his team performed backup. At this point there was interference from the storm. Judging from Rolan’s new scar on his chest, there was an incident. Trace magic indicates some healing to Rolan. It must have happened quickly as the TechnoSorcerer’s could not log the injury with the proper forms. We will be sending Lorde some paperwork to fill us on in the wound that I can only presume he healed.

Glasstaff attempted to flee when he realized that he was on the verge of being overpowered. The team captured him through extremely quick thinking on the part of T’Inco who immediately cast a detect magic and traced the wizard’s Misty Step escape.

After subduing Glasstaff and taking him prisoner, the Squad questioned Halia. When concerns arose, I commend Lorde for taking the direct path and forcing Halia to produce information about why she was kidnapped. I’ll be working with Roland to determine what was the contents of the book. He seemed to have some understanding of what is going on.

Halia was then returned to the mob and Glasstaff was turned over to Silar Highwinter for Faerun-style justice. Nodel was released and the group will spend the night at the Inn and leave on the morning of 2 Elensis 1491.

Now that this unexpected challenge has been overcome, I look forward to seeing the group move forward with reacquiring Artifact 4329998b.

As a reminder, the open items are:

  • Locate Rockseeker in Cragmaw Castle
  • Ask the Druid in Thundertree for the location of Cragmaw
  • Find Glasstaff and potentially beat the answer out of him (still an open possibility with his recent apprehension)
  • Determine who the Black Spider is and why he hopes to stop the forward motion of the Solution Squad.
  • Possibly help Sister Garele with her question for Agathe, the banshee

Reminder! The world of Faerun holds some interesting challenges:

Food supply and water must be specifically measured and managed for each day
Arrows are consumable and will not last forever
Carrying gold and supplies will be problematic and plans must be developed to manage those supplies

I look forward to receiving updates from the Solution Squad in the new journals that Jephra Kole’s team have devised.

Kyoji Dax
Solution Squad Journal, T’Inco Lussa
Solution Squad Journal, Nodel
Solution Squad Journal, Lorde
Solution Squad Journal, Rolan Bersk

In closing, I determined that the Office of Solutioning’s team have been dispatched to Faerun to find Artifact 4329998b. I have filed an addendum to my complaint against Esa Tania. Her blatant disregard for process is unacceptable. I will be forced to send a third memo if she sends a team to Thule. Please don’t make me do that.

Respectfully submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning


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