The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo 4: Solution Squad 43312

The end of Midsummer's Day

Solution Squad 44312:


As Midsummer Day, 1491, closes on Faerun, I am pleased to report that Solution Squad 44312 has made solid progress in a short amount of time.

After pursuing the so-called “Redbrand Ruffians” (who would name themselves that?) and making an assault on the hideout of the gang, the Solution Squad has determined some key facts:

  • Someone with the signet of a Black Spider has recruited the Redbrand Ruffians to try to stop the forward motion of our Squad. This is excellent news because it means that we are closing in on our missing artifact.
  • Iarno Albrecht was acting as “Glasstaff”, head of the Ruffians. He escaped during an unfortunate pause to consider a rat. I don’t hold it against the Squad. The Office of External Solutioning does not have a strong opinion on the politics and livelihood of a backwater town on a backwater world of the multiverse.
  • The Solution Squad has elicited a number of leads to find the artifact:
  • * Locate Rockseeker in Cragmaw Castle
  • * Ask the Druid in Thundertree
  • * Find Glasstaff and potentially beat the answer out of him

I will be sending a memorandum to the group instructing them to prepare well for their trip through the wilderness to find Artifact 4329998b. The world of Faerun holds some interesting challenges:

  • Food supply and water must be specifically measured and managed for each day
  • Arrows are consumable and will not last forever
  • Carrying gold and supplies will be problematic and plans must be developed to manage those supplies

I am providing a trunk that can stay at the Inn which will safely store any supplies they need to hold in reserve. Matrix Sorcerer Jephra Kole’s Pain Realignment was successful and his progress over the last two weeks of our time has slightly offset his previous failures. I’m amazed at the magic he can create while missing two fingers.

I look forward to receiving updates from the Solution Squad in the new journals that Jephra Kole’s team have devised.

Kyoji Dax
Solution Squad Journal, T’Inco Lussa
Solution Squad Journal, Nodel
Solution Squad Journal, Lorde
Solution Squad Journal, Rolan Bersk

In closing, I would like to reiterate AGAIN my disappointment that our Lady of Pain has not reviewed my memo regarding the Esa Tania and the Office of Solutioning’s move to send a team to resolve the situation with Artifact 4329998b. I understand that our Lady is not feeling well but the progress of our Solution Squad could be undermined by another team. If it is at all possible, please route this memo to the top of her daily portfolio. And please remind her of my desire to assist her with the Thule situation.

Respectfully submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning


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