The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo 3: Solution Squad 43312

Assignment 98430- Missing Object Assignment 4329998b Assignment Location: Faerun, Sword Coast Region

Solution Squad 44312:

  • Nodel
  • T’Inco
  • Dax
  • Rolan

Well, thank goodness for holidays. We have determined that Solution Squad 44312 is on Faerun on Midsummer, 1491. I have received a memo of explanation from Matrix Sorcerer, Jephra Kole, and it is totally unacceptable. I have filled out paperwork for his transfer for Pain Realignment.

The remaining team of Matrix Sorcerers are casting to realign our timelines which should allow smoother communications with Solution Squad 43312.

After determining that there are many issues in the surrounding area of Phandalin, the Solution Squad began an engagement with the Redbrand Ruffians that are causing havoc in the town. Perhaps by solving a few of the lingering, petty issues of the town, there is an opportunity to gain more detail about Gundrun Rockseeker and the location of his mine, and possibly the missing artifact.

I have not heard a response from the Office of Solutioning to my memo regarding their ill-advised attempt to send a team to find Artifact 4329998b. I am quietly concerned that the Lady, in her weakened state, may approve their request and allow Esa Tania access to the Faerun Gateway.

To aid our Solution Squad, I am providing an incentive bonus. If one or any of the team choose to write an Adventure Log telling the story so far from their character’s point of view, they will receive a “Tears of Phara” bonus. (An inspiration point). If all team members report back, all will receive a bonus inspiration point.

I believe that expending this resource will provide us greater detail on the missing item and the psychological effects of Solution Squad work.

Respectfully submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning


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