The Office of External Solutioning

Interoffice Memo 2: Solution Squad 43312

Assignment 98430- Missing Object Assignment 4329998b

Solution Squad 44312:

  • Lorde
  • Nodel
  • T’inco
  • Brixa
  • Rolan

According to our Matrix Sorcerer team, timelines are running strangely between Sigil and Faerun. The team is having issues calculating the actual timeline taking place on Faerun and how much time has taken place here. Initial reports indicate that time seems to be significantly slower in Faerun than Sigil. I have requested a memo of explanation from the Matrix Sorcerer Team Lead. In the ensuing two months since my last report, there has been no messages of note from the Solution Squad.

Based on my previous report, I expect Solution Squad 44312 to meet with Silar Highwinter and try to discover the location of Gudrun Rockseeker who could then lead them to our missing object #4329998b. Please see my formal request for the OFS Audit. (How has that not started yet?)

I need the Solution Squad to move effectively and quickly as the Office of Solutioning is proposing that another team would be an effective tool to speed the search. I have registered my grievance with our Lady of Pain that the Office of Solutioning is overreaching its mandate. Their Mission Statement clearly states that the Office of Solutioning is for internal Sigil issues only.

Perhaps the Office of Solutioning would be better suited trying to identify the cause of our Lady of Pains recent illness. I have filled out and submitted the paperwork recommending that the Office of External Solutioning partner with the Office of Solutioning to investigate if the cause of the her recent malady can be linked back to the Thule Situation. I expect a response shortly.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nedemi Nitt
Commissioner, Office of External Solutioning


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